Product Description

Key Words: GC1, GC2, FBB

Product range: 170-400gsm
1.Size: Sheets and reels in most sizes are available.
2.Material: Multi-layer board, GC2, comprises middle layers of mechanical pulp sandwiched between layers of bleached chemical pulp. The top layer, or liner, is usually white pigment coated in two or three layers. The reverse side is cream (manila) as the back layer of chemical pulp is translucent allowing the color of the middle layers to show through. The back layer of chemical pulp may be thicker and/or be white pigment coated in which case it is known as GC1.
3.Typical applications: FBB has a wide range of applications, including cosmetics, chocolate, medical and health care, toiletries, dry foods, frozen and chilled foods, tea and coffee, biscuits, baked goods, clothing, toys, games and photographic products. FBB can also be plastic extrusion coated, laminated with materials such as aluminum foil and greaseproof paper and be given grease resistance and other functional treatments.

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